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Product Description

Get in full control of your Hostel / Property business.
Tenant and Hostel Software – Easy, flexible, powerful!

eHostel is a Offline / WEB / Cloud-based Property Management System tailored for hostels and properties which are under tenants / students to manage the billings and tenants / students details as per room or beds.

Work anytime from anywhere

No installation, no maintenance, no IT skills required

Features :

1. Manages Beds
2. Bed Availability
3.Beds add to rooms.
4.Multiple Beds per room for Dorms .
5.Room Management
6.Room Billings
7.Bed Shift
8.Tenants Shiftings
9.Payments and Expiry of lease
10.Balance Management
11.Lease / Stay Extend management
12.Invoice management
13.Reporting on Beds
14.Reporting on Payments
15.Reporting on Invoices

Demo Logins

User: admin
Pass: admin

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