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Live Demo Logins / Username & Passwords are on the description section below

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Product Description

School grading system is simple PHP application for managing students, classes, subjects, school attendance and evaluation. You can enter as teacher (admin) or as parent (user) that checks specific student statistics.

Teacher / admin account

Login :
Username: demo
Password: demo2

  • Connected on SMS sending system
  • E-mail notifications
  • Add / edit / delete news
  • Add / edit / delete classes
  • Create / edit / delete students
  • Insert student into class and manage marks from each subject
  • Insert attendance to each student
  • Add / edit / delete subjects
  • View statistics
  • Change current password
  • Print login info for parents
  • Add more teachers
  • Manage comments and ratings to each student
  • Add attachment to class (with name and date)

Parents / student

Login Details :
Username: 6
Password: e0jk53tk

  • Parents can check student’s marks, attendace and rating
  • Students can set their own profile with photo and informations.
  • Can access their classes to view announcement from teacher or to chat with other students.
  • They also can view attached files from teacher

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